Will You Make Your Home a Smart Home?


After our phones and watches and everything in between have become smarter, technology is all set to smarten up our homes now.

While a Smart Home that will detect your arrival, open the door for you, turn on the lights and welcome you with a nice hot cup of coffee with your favorite music playing in the background is still too futuristic to be true, Smart Home technology is right on track to taste its heydays.

“A smart home doesn’t have to be all flashy with devices, it has to solve a more practical purpose.”

According to a report, the shipment of the smart devices would beat the smartphones in the next five years.

But what is its current stage? Are the Smart devices as promising as they are advertised today? Let’s find out.

For me, a smart home doesn’t have to be filled with devices that scream “I use updated technology”.

“A smart home doesn’t have to be all flashy with devices, it has to solve a more practical purpose.”

Smart homes are beyond that. It has to solve a more practical purpose.

Before you go crazy over all the cool gadgets around you, here are three important questions to ask yourself before deciding to make your home a smart home:

1: Is My Smart Home Safe?

Ok, you got the Nest smart lock installed on your door. It can automatically lock or unlock the door for you. Cool! But what if it gets hacked? Or if someone hacks your thermostat while you are out and lowers your house temperature to freezing? Okay chances are low, but possible right?

The more entry points we give this big bad world of web to our homes through these devices, the more we are at risk. That doesn’t mean we have to live like the 19th century, but we got to be more conscious.

The current smart home devices that we have in the market today serve an individual purpose. Be it the Philips hue bulb lighting control system or the refrigerator that says you are out of milk, each has to be individually connected to our Wi-Fi systems.

If there were lesser hubs, a more integrated system and a shared sensor across multiple platforms where devices could connect via a single source, things would be a lot safer and convenient.

That brings me to next point.

2: Does My Smart Home Make My life Convenient?

Being able to lock and unlock the door by just commanding it seems very convenient and time saving. But when you have to open an app in your smartphone for each and every device at your home, it gets annoying after some point.

Find your smartphone, find the app of the particular device you want to operate, then perform whatever you want from there is more of a hassle than turning the switch on/off physically or using the keys to open the door.

Certain devices like Amazon tap and Amazon Echo are exceptions here. They not only recognize your voice and play music for you, they allow you to change your thermostat settings vocally, connect with your Smart- lock and also order pizza for you!! Now that is what I call convenience. 

3: Is My Smart Home Worth its Cost?

Smart home devices don’t come cheap and when I am planning to invest in a few of them,  I would like to know if they are really worth it.

Some of them like the learning thermostat and smart lighting control system definitely are. They help in minimizing energy utility by enabling us to create an energy saving schedule. This in turn cuts down the monthly energy bills.


smart-appYou see there are pros and cons of the Smart Home technology. But it is still in its nascent stage.  The peak period is yet to come. The real imaginative innovation is in the near future where each device is connected to the other and consumers have the option to upgrade their home with fully functional system of connected devices which can be traced and tracked by either your smartwatch or a smartphone.

So yes, eventually I will definitely consider making  my home a smart home but right now I am happy to dip my toes in this area with specific devices that are cool to have but not a necessity at all.



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