Will the next generation Apple Watch be Phone free?

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The next generation Apple watch might be an independent cellular device. Although the yearly sales of the apple watch were almost double the iPhone sales since the day each was launched, many users were disappointed by the wearable device.  The main reason was it was too dependent on the iPhone.

Even the basic functions like receiving messages could only be done after tethering it to the handset.

Well there is some good news after all.  According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to have cellular connectivity which could run independently on your wrist.

The Phone Free Features

Although phone tethering will still be required for downloading apps and other heavy data transfers, basic things like getting notifications, messaging , GPS tracking could be done solely on the wearable.

“Only time will tell how “Apple” will the Apple Watch 2 be”

According to Forbes, a Wi-Fi enabled chip-set would be embedded into the Apple Watch 2 to perform all these iPhone free tasks. Powered by this chip, a new feature ‘Find My Watch’ would also added that can detect lost watches.

Akin to all these new features, a faster processor and an improved battery performance is to be expected.

If you are like me, you already must be thinking about the data plan required for yet another device but worry not. Rumor has it that users will be able to share their data plan across multiple devices including the watch.

Going by a report from 9to5 mac, the next generation apple watch will come with a camera on the front for easier Video-calling. While cell-connectivity cannot be passed as a new technology, that award goes to Samsung Gear range; a front camera is definitely an interesting added element.

This new upgrade was heavily influenced by the expectations of its customers, says Danielle Matte, Market analyst at Canalys. I do think these upgrades were needed when the current generation watch did less to justify as an “Apple” product with its heavy dependence on iPhone and lack of real innovation.

My reasons to eagerly wait for the Apple Watch 2:

1: GPS: This would be the most useful feature for me. I hate taking my phone with me for my runs. Independent GPS tracking will make it a lot easier.

2: Siri: If Siri runs solely on my watch, it would be my BFF. I would use it thousand times more than I do on my handset.

3: Find my Watch: Being the forgetful person that I am, this one would be a life saver.

If all the rumors ring true, Apple would surely win our hearts back with these tether-less functionalities.  Only time will tell how “Apple” will the Apple Watch 2 be but this entire buzz definitely makes the wait worthwhile.








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