Wealthy Car Owners Get Wearable Keys


A press release just came out from Jaguar, announcing how an age old problem is solved when you are out for a hike, run or a quick stop at the dog park.

No more fumbling around for a place to put your keys, and no more worrying about losing them on your route! Just hold up your wrist to the car, and poof! Your car is unlocked.


In addition to unlocking your car, this nifty waterproof wristband also tells you fuel levels, unlocks the car remotely and monitors its location. Although you can only get it on models like the Jaguar F-Pace, I hope they are setting the stage for more car manufactures to follow their idea.

“Whether you’re hitting the surf or the slopes or just heading out for a run, this key is a unique solution to a generations old problem of where to stow bulky keys.” 

This seems like a very logical idea. What I predict is this idea will become app based. That way more manufactures will be able to jump on board with this idea, and it can be integrated into other wearable technology. The Apple Watch for starters, as it fully supports other apps.

For now though, it is only available as a stand alone wristband. But one question . . . Could they make it look a little nicer? The images we are seeing so far are UGLY! 2016-Jaguar-F-Pace

I will take mine in royal blue please. The F-Pace that is!

Read the full press release below:

New Wearable Tech Solves Age Old Problem

Friday, 8 April 2016, 2:35 pm
Press Release: Impact PR
08 April 2016
New Wearable Tech Solves Age Old Problem of Where to Stow Car Keys

A new wearable tech innovation from a leading car manufacturer will provide an answer to the age old question of what to do with your car keys when out for a run.

Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a new key which comes in the form of a wearable and waterproof wristband with Kiwis able to access the new tech within months.

The wearable Activity Key comes courtesy of the Jaguar F-PACE and allows car owners to lock their ignition keys inside by simply touching the wristband to the Jaguar logo on the boot, thus allowing them to enjoy their outdoor experiences without having to stow bulky keys.

Built into the wristband is a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) sensor which assumes control of the car’s locking system, disabling the keys inside. The sensor operates without a battery and doesn’t need charging.

According to the manufacturer, the Activity Key is suitable for all activities and temperatures and will prevent the car being stolen if it’s broken into.

The general manager for Jaguar Land Rover New Zealand Steve Kenchington says the wristband is suitable for all weather conditions and outdoor activities and allows car owners to enjoy an active lifestyle without having to worry about keeping their keys safe.

“Whether you’re hitting the surf or the slopes or just heading out for a run, this key is a unique solution to a generations old problem of where to stow bulky keys,”

Kenchington says other new wearable tech innovations from the car maker include the introduction of its remote functions app to Android Wear watch.

“The new Android Wear app is able to activate climate control settings by remotely starting the engine, keeping you cool before setting off.

“It also allows customers to check their vehicle’s fuel level, monitor its location and remotely lock and unlock the doors to let a friend or family member access the vehicle when the owner isn’t close by,” he says.

Kenchington says as well as the wearable elements of the car, F-PACE will even look for minute changes in an owner’s driving style that point to fatigue, before prompting the driver to pay attention or take a break.

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