Two Trackers One Decision. Garmin Vivosmart HR or Fitbit Alta?

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I am on a quest to determine which activity tracker I like better: The Garmin Vivosmart HR or the Fitbit Alta?

Both of these activity trackers are in the same price range. But, one is more attractive, and one is more functional. The Garmin Vivosmart HR has a few more features than the Fitbit Alta, including heart rate, floors, music controls, the weather, it’s waterproof and it has a larger touchscreen. Because of all this, the device is also bigger.

I am now on a quest to see how the two compare. At first you might wonder why I am even questioning it, since the Garmin packs more bang for your buck. But the Alta has features Garmin doesn’t.

First, the Alta is cuter, customizable, and looks nice on the wrist. Second, the app is simple and it has a lot of fun challenges and friendly competition. The Garmin app has teams and connections, but more of my friends have a Fitbit. Plus, I am not sure I will use the other extra features on the Garmin.

At midnight tonight, I put them both on. I will wear them both for a couple of days, compare the apps, activity tracking, other functions and the comfort. Then I will know for sure which device is best. Keep checking SHEables for an update. I will include photos, screenshots and my opinion.

One must go back, so the challenge starts now!

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