This Biometric Band Is Like A Hi-Tech Mood Ring


Remember mood rings? The trendy jewelry — which peaked in popularity in the ‘70s and the ‘90s — had a crystal that changed color depending on your “mood” — really, it just changed color depending on the temperature.

Now, a company called Vinaya is launching a wearable version of that mood ring: Zenta, a biometric band that interprets your emotions. The wearable helps you understand your behavioral patterns and lets you share how you feel in the form of art. It will be featured at Art Basel later this year.

Zenta, which looks like a simple silver or black band, collects physiological data including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, perspiration, respiration and temperature, and then cross-references this data with other data from your smartphone to derive insights.

Vinaya founder Kate Unsworth told CNNMoney, “Tech is really good at pattern recognition. Over time, the more you use the product, we’ll be able to say when you spend too much time with a certain person, you don’t sleep as well.”

This may be the first wave of an “emotion tech” boom: Unsworths said that emotion technology has only just reached the point where it can transformed into wearables.

“We’ll be able to say when you spend too much time with a certain person, you don’t sleep as well.”

She told Forbes, “It’s literally only in the past year that the idea of ‘Emotion-sensing consumer tech’ has become feasible from a technical perspective, which puts us in a very exciting position. We were ready and waiting on the start line with the likes of Apple, and given our ability to be fast and nimble, we’ve managed to compete with them. Zenta contains more advanced sensors than the Apple Watch, and aggregates the data in terms of emotions, rather than fitness.”

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