These Wearable Tech ‘Commitment Rings’ Will Stop You From Watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ Without Your Partner


Forget wedding rings — these wearable tech “commitment rings” will help you make the ultimate commitment: to not watch the next episode of your favorite series without your partner.

British ice cream brand Cornetto has released an advertising campaign around these rings, with the tagline “Make your love last more than just one season.”

A short video shows young couples committing “Netflix adultery” before explaining how the technology works: Couples connect the rings to their favorite streaming services and select the shows they watch together. The app blocks any streaming on the shared series while the rings are apart. When the rings are close together, the app unblocks the series.

So why is an ice cream company creating wearable tech?

“Cornetto has always been about celebrating teen love in a fun, light-hearted way,” Cornetto global brand director Barbara Cavicchia told Co.Create.

“We wanted to encourage teens to commit to watching their favorite TV series together—and thanks to Cornetto and NFC technology, we can end the despicable behavior of watching episodes of your favorite series without your partner.”

It’s unclear how many — if any — of the rings will actually be released, but you can sign up for alerts on

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