Technology and Pain Relief Come Together



Meet Quell. A wearable device that claims to help with pain relief.

As someone who struggles from chronic pain, this wearable drew me in. As an alternative to  medications, this device might be the natural remedy people need.

Simply wrap the device around the upper part of your calf, and turn on the server stimulation. The device can be worn discreetly under your clothes and can provide pain relief around the clock.

The device connects via bluetooth to your iPhone or Android so you have control over many Therapy Control App Image[2]functions of the device. You can start and stop therapy sessions, adjust the intensity, see your history, and find other helpful insights to your pain management.

The device itself came out last summer. Recently, the app received an important update which provides more control over the stimulation and the therapy session right from your phone. The update also included improved sleep tracking, which provides more details to your sleep pattern.

Results vary from person to person. Some people have pain relief right away, where other took a few sessions before they felt relief.

The technology is not new. Nerve stimulators have been used in different ways for quite some time. But this makes it accessible to the public, in a relatively affordable way. The cost for the device is $250, which comes with a one-month supply of electrodes. A 90-day supply costs $99.

The price tag might cause a little sticker shock, however if it is helpful, it is less than the cost of physical therapy sessions and medications. Especially after the initial investment. The ongoing treatment is only $30 month, which is $5 less than my co-pay to see a physical therapist.

The cost for the device is $250, which comes with a one-month supply of electrodes. A 90-day supply costs $99.  

Quell might be worth a try. There is a 60-day money back guarantee, so that’s worth checking it out!

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