Tech Gift Ideas For Five Types Of Fathers


Father’s day is just around the corner and if you are still unsure what to gift him this father’s day, don’t panic. We have come up with gift recommendations for five types of dads that we usually see. Just think which one your father relates to the closest and find the gift ideas for people just like him.

Decide fast people, there is not much time left.


Here are 5 tech gift ideas for 5 types of fathers-



1: The Fitness Freak Dad-



Does your father’s day start with running and proceeds with healthy food? Wow your fitness freak dad with a fitness tracker that looks cool and the wrist and counts your calories and steps taken throughout the day. Here are our recommendations for the best fitness trackers.

2: The Protective Dad



If your father double checks every lock on the door before leaving, is very protective about your family a Smart Lock might be the best idea. August smart lock is one of the best in the market. It auto locks and unlocks for you, giving your dad his peace of mind.

3: The Cool Dad



If your dad is chilled out most of the time, likes to hangout in his man-cave with beer than a Smart beer maker is all he needs. Somm, one such gadget can store bottles, pour a glass that tastes as fresh as the previous one.

4: The Techy Dad



Sometimes our parents are way more ahead than us when it comes to technology. If your dad is one such kind then he probably already owns one or more items listed above. The best thing you can do is connect those items and make his home a Smart home.

Which category does your dad belong to? Does you see yourself buying any of these gifts for your father this father’s day? Share with us in the comments below.

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