Ombre: The Smart Bra that Talks Back


Ombra: The Smart Bra that Talks Back

We’re not talking about Ombre hair color here . . .

We are talking about a hidden secret and a magic bra. Your next bra can also be your coach! Introducing OMbra, the new smart bra!


Smart clothing company OM has already made a place in the space of wearables with other types of shirts, and now they are hoping to bring in female customers with their smart bra!

I love the people over at Mashable, and they had a great article on the OMbra earlier this year. The title is “A fitness tracker disguised as a bra.” We all know, you can’t disguise a bra- I would call it a bra first, with the added benefits of a fitness tracker.

Here are some details:

If you are like me, and have used a chest strap heart rate monitor, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Especially if it does not line up well with your bra. But OMbra solves this by also serving as a heart rate monitor. It seems this would be a great solution, since chest straps are known to be the most accurate when it comes to monitoring your heart rate.ombra

The device is more than a heart rate monitor though. It also monitors your respirations, recovery, and calories burned. The smartphone app has a smart coach built in to help you along the way. (Better than it built into the bra I guess!) The voice guided coach will help you reach your goals by pushing you a little harder if needed. The app also compares your stats to other people in your age group.

It is not clear how much in depth activity tracking you get with this device, and it currently does not have any kind of sleep option. Wearing a bra to bed isn’t really for me anyway. Currently, the price is set at $149, which comes with a tracker and a bra. Additional bras are $59. Not outrageous, but on the higher end for a sports bra.

In a CBS News article, they state that OM spent a lot of time and money creating this device, and went through 1633 prototypes before the final result was selected! I hate taking just six of them into a fitting room, I could not imagine how painstaking that was for the women who were testing them!

Ideas for Improvement: 

My thought for improvement: make a wristband for the tracker to slide into so you can track sleep! Also, why sell the bra? If you could clip it on to your own bra, I think that might be more universal. Finding the perfect sport bra is a chore, and the company will automatically eliminate potential buyers if the bra does not fit.

Let me know what you think about this new OMbra wearable device in the comments below!

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