Levi’s And Google Create A ‘Connected’ Denim Jacket


Here’s an unlikely fashion collaboration: Google and Levi’s. The heritage denim brand and the tech giant have paired up to create a “connected” denim jacket, a brand new type of wearable tech.

According to Ad Week, Google’s Project Jacquard, which is focused on developing touch-sensitive fabrics, and Levi’s have been working on the jacket for over a year now. Project Jacquard just released concept videos for their first product, Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard, which will go into beta this fall and hit shelves in 2017.

The denim jacket features a conductive thread woven into a rubber cuff that needs to be changed periodically. The wearer can tap the cuff to change a playlist, accept or reject a call, or send an estimated time of arrival while cycling, Interestingly, the setup is currently Android-only.

In an interview with WIRED last year, Project Jacquard head Ivan Poupyrev outlined his big picture plan for Google’s wearable tech, explaining that he’d like to see us become less reliant on smartphones as everything else around us becomes “smart” as well. “In the future—or maybe not in the future—wearables should not be thought of as another consumer device,” he said. “We already have clothes, we already have garments.”
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