HP Sprocket Versus Polaroid Zip


How fun is portable printing! Relive the 70’s in a new way with your very own portable printer. Check out this video review about the HP Sprocket and The Polaroid Zip. Both are great little printers designed for traveling fun!

Don’t think you are going to get top quality photos. But for a fun way to do a visual travel journal, a photo booth at your next party, or a way to create other memories, these devices are great. And, the price is reasonable as they both come in around $130.

6495211The paper is an interesting part of both devices. It is called “Zink,” which stands for  zero ink. The printers do not have any ink cartridges, but don’t think that will save you money. The Zink speciality paper is required for these printers. The paper will run from .25-.50 per print. There are a few brands out there, and both Polaroid and HP would like you to use their brand. If you don’t, it will give you a warning and you will be unable to print.

However, there is a sneaky trick around this issue. Each pack of paper comes with a blue sheet with a barcode on it, which is supposed to inserted with the paper. This code is meant to calibrate the printer based on the paper pack. If you save the original barcode that came in the pack with printer, you can use that instead. In our experiments, we have not seen any compromise in print quality.

In today’s digital photo age, there is still nothing better than an instant, tangible photo. This is a great solution for those fun moments!

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