Fitbit Blaze, Big, Bold and NOT Sassy


IMG_1309The Fitbit Blaze Is on the shelves, and it is trying to compete in the smart watch arena.

However, it is more of an activity tracker, than a smart watch. There are limited bells and whistles, even though it has a smart watch design.

But as an activity tracker, it is top notch in its functioning. Features include:

  • Steps
  • Calories Burned
  • Distance
  • Active Minutes
  • floors
  • Sleep
  • Heart rate
  • Phone notifications
  • Various sport modes
  • And the ability to track exercise


Essentially, this device is similar to the Fitbit Charge HR, except it has a large touch display.

The screen is responsive, although sometimes I had a hard time getting it respond when I swiped. There are navigation buttons on the side that will take you back a screen or bring up the clock.

There are a variety of customizable bands you can get for the device in leather, metal and silicone. (Check out some of the third party sellers on Amazon. Prices are cheaper!)

IMG_1321After hearing all the hype about this device, I was excited to check it out. When I put it on, I was really disappointed. This tracker is HUGE! This thing is way to big for my taste, and I like big watches.

It was almost a little painful to wear, as it was hard to make the band comfortable on my wrist. I could not bend back at my wrist without being pinched by the device. If I moved it up my arm (which they recommend) It was uncomfortable.

I have seen a variety of pictures online where women are wearing the Blaze. It does not look nearly as big on their wrists as it did mine. This is not a feminine device, even in purple.IMG_1316

I have included pictures of the Fitbit Blaze next to my Apple Watch so you can see the difference.

I am hoping the next generation will provide optional sizes.

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