Faith and Family

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Just after a couple of months after my marriage, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome- a condition where your immunity damages your nervous system making one literally immobile. Even after spending a week in the hospital, another few months on the bed, somehow I knew I was going to recover fully and that I did after only a few months.

Doctors said it usually takes much more time to recover; it was my strong will that made the recovery faster. My family said it was a miracle and that God has listened to their prayers. I knew it in my heart it was both. It had to be.

I had faith; faith in my prayers, in my family’s prayers and faith in my God. This gave me strength to fight my illness and made me a strong willed person.

When I was on that sick bed, I wasn’t the only one fighting illness; my whole family was, drawing strength from each other.

“When the times are harder, our faith gets stronger.”

“It is my family where my beliefs and faith have taken form in the first place. I remember how my mom used to tell me mythological stories about Gods and demons in my childhood days. I remember how my father took me to the temple on Mondays to offer my prayers to Lord Shiva.

Faith in Different Religion

faith in jesus

There is this incident that I remember which makes me proud of my family. My brother studied in a convent school. Soon he started picking up beliefs from Christianity. He would roam around the home with a bible in his hands. He would pray to Jesus every day. He would go to church when all of us went to temples.

My father called him one day and asked, “Do you really believe in Jesus or are you doing it just because your school friends worship him.”

He said he believed in Jesus and that he prays to Him from his heart.

“You should have faith in the one you worship” my father said. “Doesn’t matter if it is Shiva, Jesus or any other God you believe in. They are all One. It is the faith that matters.”


Power of Faith

Right from my childhood, my family has taught me how having faith in Him, makes things easier. How when everything seems lost, it is this belief that He is there for us and that keeps us going. And when the times are harder, our faith gets stronger.

During my sickness I realized, no matter what beliefs each individual has in a family, when there is the need, everyone prays together and this collective faith has the power to perform miracles.

It is indeed a miracle that I am here today fully recovered typing away this story.

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