Digital Parenting and Baby Wearables- Is it safe?


Wearable technology has become such an integral part of our lives now that a life without it seems impossible. We don’t remember the time when our watch was used just for that, showing time or how we managed to stay fit without our fitness trackers.

From Smart homes to smart watches, after touching us in almost every sphere, the wearable technology has now tapped the area that has managed to stay traditional so far even in this digital world- Parenting.

Yes, digital parenting is all the rage now. There is a myriad of baby wearables in the market. From baby monitors, pacifiers to thermometers all things baby have become smart now, claiming to make parenting a wee bit easier but doest it?

“Parenting is a thing where I, as a mother of an 8 month old can safely say, instincts work way better than technology.”

Before getting into that let’s take a closer look at some of these baby wearables –


baby wearables

It is a cotton onesie with removable sensors attached that track and provide information like baby’s sleep and breathing patterns, skin temperature, body positions and the like. It also works like the traditional baby monitor by capturing the sound in the baby’s room and letting parents listen to it on their tablets.




This smart baby monitor is a step ahead from our previous friend in that, apart from providing the usual data like sleeping pattern, breath and temperature, it warns the parents about what the time baby would wake up and if it will wake up happy or cranky. It also measures the sound intensity at the nursery so the parent can be alerted if the sound is too disturbing for the baby.


smart pacifier


Now the parents wouldn’t have to worry about shoving the thermometer into baby’s mouth, underarm or butts because the baby pacifier will do this for you. This new smart pacifier has a sensor attached to its silicone teat that can monitor the temperature and send it to an ios/android device.

It also has a vicinity sensor that can be triggered and an alarm is set off if the pacifier/baby goes missing.

Will I as a mother use technology on my baby?

As if the crazy quantified persons that we have become these days was not enough the market is full with yet another kind of wearables making us even more anxious by throwing so much information at us that we not only become worried as hell as parents but let’s admit it, get helplessly addicted to it.

Parenting is a thing where I, as a mother of an 8 month old can safely say, instincts work way better than technology. You don’t need a smart device to tell you when your child is likely to wake up; you kind of know it by the powers of observation.

Then there is introducing your baby to radiations thing. While many of these devices claim to emit radio waves lower than our Smartphones, I personally wouldn’t turn to technology for my baby yet. Not unless there is a device that makes my baby eat her veggies.

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