Apple Sells New Apple Watch Bands And Models. Are Third Part Bands Better?

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Apple just released several new watch bands to adorn their Apple Watch.

The sport band now comes in several colors and they are introducing a new woven band. This is all in an attempt to make the Apple Watch more customizable for wearers.


The sport bands are especially colorful, as they introduced bright yellow, pink, orange and several other colors. At $50 each, they are still a little spendy to have one that matches every outfit.

I own two colors in the sport band, and  they are high quality and look really nice. But I also own a some third party bands which were a fraction of the cost and the look great.

Are Third Party Bands Better?

Yes and no. It all depends on the quality. I have been really happy with my choices of third part sellers. Amazon is the place to go when looking for some of these replacement bands. One helpful tip, read the reviews carefully and see what people are saying. I had a couple of failed purchases, but I always use Amazon Prime so returns are easy.

I purchased a milanese loop band that really looks nice. The band from Apple is $150. I paid $16 on Amazon. I also picked it up in rose gold for $29. These look really nice when I want the watch to look dressier. And, best of all, they look like the original Apple bands.

If you like the colors of the sport bands, check out this seller on Amazon. They sell lots of colors and the get really good reviews. I love the purple and hot pink!

If you buy a third party band, make sure the magnet locking system Apple uses for attaching the band works well. The last think you will want to have happen is for it to come loose. I have not had any problems with the bands I use.

New Apple Watch Coming Soon

The Apple watch has recently dropped in price as well. This is often the way Apple prepares for a new product launch. There have been rumors that some type of Apple Watch 2 will be announced this fall.

Fashion Can Come With A Price!

If price does not matter to you, check out the fashion company Hermes. Here you can pick up a beautiful leather band starting at $1100! I personally like the Double Tour which is $1250! My Birthday is in October.

Here are some links to third party bands on Amazon. I have used this and I love them!

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