After One Year On The Market, Is The Apple Watch Trending Downward?


The Apple Watch turned one year old on April 24, 2016. Cue the trendpieces: Is it a success or a flop?

It depends on who you ask. “Apple Watch Proves To Be Apple’s Biggest Flop In Years,” says the Inquisitr’s headline; Yahoo News’ headline says that Apple is “ruling smartwatches”; Tech Talk splits the difference and asks, “Apple Watch Is One Year Old: Hit Or Flop?

For its part, Apple is calling it a hit. Apple reported that it sold sold twice as many Apple Watches in the past year as it did iPhones in 2007, the first year the iPhone on the market. According to Adweek, analysts have inferred that this means Apple sold around 12 million Apple Watches.

However, Strategy Analytics recently found that the Apple captures 52% of global smartwatch marketshare — down from 63% in the prior quarter. The report cites rising competition from Samsung, LG, Motorola and others.

Adweek writes that many marketers are less enthusiastic about the Apple Watch than they were at its launch.

“Apple shareholders keep looking to Apple to create the next big thing.”

“Apple shareholders keep looking to Apple to create the next big thing. However, what hasn’t hit mass realization yet is that the next big thing is not a thing [but] rather a service,” SapientNitro mobile lead David Hewitt said.

Digitas SVP of mobile and digital shopper innovation Brett Leary added that the Apple Watch’s perceived lack of success has also affected the wearable market in general.

“We had hoped the Apple Watch would have pushed the wearable category further up the priority ladder, but internal interest has remained relatively flat,” he said.
It will be interesting to see if opinions change when the Apple Watch 2 is released later this year — according to the Week, it may arrive as early as the next few weeks.

Do you own an Apple Watch? Do you want to? Or are you staying far away from this wearable? Tell us in the comments below.

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