A Big Letdown: Motorola Not Re-releasing Razr Flip Phone


Hello Moto? Not quite.

I know I was excited a few weeks ago when Motorola released a nostalgic video titled “Moto 06.09.16.” For all intents and purposes, it really looked like a re-launch for the sleek, reliable and indestructible flip phone of my adolescence.

razr 2

But unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The company has come out and said that while the reception and excitement surrounding the flip phones is encouraging, a re-launch isn’t happening anytime soon.

razr 3

“The Razr was one of the most iconic phones ever designed and redefined how stylish a mobile phone can be. While Moto is not re-releasing the RAZR, we will transform mobile again on June 9,” the company told The Telegraph.

Motorola reportedly apologized, saying the video was meant to create excitement surrounding the new Moto Z.

Had this been a re-launch for the Razr with or without smartphone capabilities, I surely would have jumped on the bandwagon once again. I was late to transition to the smartphone from the Razr in the first place (I’ve only had one for about two years now), so I would gladly return to the familiar numeric keyboard and never-ending battery life.

From about 2006 to 2013-14 or so, I transitioned through the silver, pink and green versions for sure (there are probably some I’m forgetting). Those were the days when you eagerly awaited the blurry photos that cost you (or your parents, more likely) an arm and a leg in data. And they better not be coming from an unknown number, or you had some explaining to do.

But c’mon.

“Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future.” 

Those at Motorola had to have known they were trolling us big time.

But even if the re-launch isn’t happening after all, the brief excitement might have coerced me to consider reverting to a flip phone when my smartphone finally calls it quits (it’s on its last leg). In a recent effort to disconnect, I’ve deleted most social apps from my phone.

And when you do that, why not just have a flip phone? I don’t know about you — but to me, there’s something wildly attractive about only having to look at your phone for a call or text and not having the urge to scroll through a feed. And maybe that’s what flipping back to the Razr days of yesteryear is all about. 

What about you? Would you consider ditching your smartphone for a blast from the past? Let SHEables know in the comments!


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