5 wearables that are real stress busters


Lead a calm stress-free life with these wearables.

Women today are more active than they ever were. Managing home, office and life in between takes a toll in our overall well-being. No wonder we are more stressed out than what is considered healthy but we hardly do anything about it. Not anymore. The wearable technology which revolved around the body fitness until now is shifting its attention to a healthy mind. It may seem like an irony but sometimes technology is needed to disconnect us from this crazy chaotic world that we call digital.

Here is a list of 5 wearables that can reduce your stress level and transform you into a peaceful state-




Leaf by Bellabeat is a beautiful Smart jewellery which is actually a health tracker especially for women. Besides working like any other fitness tracker, it also helps to reduce our stress levels by guiding through various breathing exercises that we can watch on our smartphones. It also keeps a track on our monthly menstrual cycle giving us feedback on our reproductive health.


pranaThis wearable is designed keeping in mind the fact that our posture and breathing tells a lot about our stress levels. It a small button like device that can be clipped on our waistbands. It tracks our diaphragm movement and posture and alerts us by sending texts to our smartphones if we need to modify them.

While standing or walking, Prana acts as our regular fitness tracker that counts steps and like.




Like any other fitness tracker, the WellBe monitors the heart rate but only to determine the stress level the person is going through. It calculates our stress level depending on the time, location and the people we meet giving us a fair idea of what triggers and stress and when.

It really helps as person can get prepared the next time s/he is likely to get stressed out. It also provides various mindfulness and stress reducing exercises that people can benefit from.




Like Prana, Spire also reaches out for our breathing patterns to comprehend our stress levels. It clips on to our clothes and tracks inhale and exhale time. When a harrowed or short fast breath is determined, it notifies the person and helps with guided meditations.

It also acts as our average fitness tracker keeping counts on our fitness goals.





We instantly feel better when we splash cold water on our face or a get a nice massage. Ever wondered why? By doing so, the nerves in our head and neck activate the brain’s adrenaline system telling it to make us feel better.

Going by the same concept of neurosignalling, thync gets attached to your forehead and  is capable of stimulating the same nerves making us feel like we just had a cup of coffee or a relaxing massage. The calm or energized state can be controlled from the app that is compatible with any ios/android device.

The tagline of this super smart wearable “Energize or relax without drinks or pills” says it all.


Have you tried any of these stress relieving wearables yet? Or tempted to buy one now? Do share your experiences in the comments below.


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