HP Sprocket Versus Polaroid Zip

How fun is portable printing! Relive the 70's in a new way with your very own portable printer. Check out this video review about the HP Sprocket and The Polaroid Zip. Both are great little printers designed for traveling fun! Don't think you are going to get top quality photos. But for ...
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5 wearables that are real stress busters

Lead a calm stress-free life with these wearables. Women today are more active than they ever were. Managing home, office and life in between takes a toll in our overall well-being. No wonder we are more stressed out than what is considered healthy but we hardly do anything about it. Not ...
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Tech Gift Ideas For Five Types Of Fathers

Father’s day is just around the corner and if you are still unsure what to gift him this father’s day, don’t panic. We have come up with gift recommendations for five types of dads that we usually see. Just think which one your father relates to the closest and find the gift ...
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This Biometric Band Is Like A Hi-Tech Mood Ring

Remember mood rings? The trendy jewelry — which peaked in popularity in the ‘70s and the ‘90s — had a crystal that changed color depending on your “mood” — really, it just changed color depending on the temperature. Now, a company called Vinaya is launching a wearable version of that mood ...
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A Big Letdown: Motorola Not Re-releasing Razr Flip Phone

Hello Moto? Not quite. I know I was excited a few weeks ago when Motorola released a nostalgic video titled “Moto 06.09.16.” For all intents and purposes, it really looked like a re-launch for the sleek, reliable and indestructible flip phone of my adolescence. But unfortunately, it wasn't. The company has come out and said ...
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Would You Wear A ‘Smart Tampon’?

Would you wear a smart tampon? A company called my.Flow thinks you should. The startup has created a product that will designed to “provide a solution to period anxiety, leakage, and TSS [Toxic Shock Syndrome] risk.” According to Gizmodo, the “smart tampon” has an extra long (6 to 12 inch) string ...
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Digital Parenting and Baby Wearables- Is it safe?

Wearable technology has become such an integral part of our lives now that a life without it seems impossible. We don’t remember the time when our watch was used just for that, showing time or how we managed to stay fit without our fitness trackers. From Smart homes to smart watches, ...
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These Wearable Tech ‘Commitment Rings’ Will Stop You From Watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ Without Your Partner

Forget wedding rings — these wearable tech “commitment rings” will help you make the ultimate commitment: to not watch the next episode of your favorite series without your partner. British ice cream brand Cornetto has released an advertising campaign around these rings, with the tagline “Make your love last more than ...
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Levi’s And Google Create A ‘Connected’ Denim Jacket

Here’s an unlikely fashion collaboration: Google and Levi’s. The heritage denim brand and the tech giant have paired up to create a “connected” denim jacket, a brand new type of wearable tech. According to Ad Week, Google’s Project Jacquard, which is focused on developing touch-sensitive fabrics, and Levi's have been working on ...
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